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Are you seeking professional freelancers to help with your website development? Maybe you are stuck on a programing problem and need some help. 

Our pre qualified technology freelancers can deliver quality projects on time and on budget.

The WebbyFreelance directory is a specialty information technology freelancing platform for experienced designers, programers, graphic design and related internet marketing professionals.

The WebbyFreelance Directory is a rare freelancer platform developed with a quality over quantity mission objective. You wont find link farm scammers on the WebbyFreelance Platform. 

Our focus is to provide professional level freelancers who have the experience you need at affordable rates.

Before a freelancing candidate is allowed to begin submitting proposals to our employer clientele, they must submit verifiable identity documents, contact information, references, and complete an in-depth profile page on the WebbyFreelance Directory. 

All freelancer advertisements are screened to prevent spam advertising. We maintain a strict policy of what types of services we allow on our directory.

For more information on the information we collect and our verification process, click here.

How to Hire a Freelance Professional

Create Emloyer Profile

Complete your profile so our Freelance professionals can submit their bids to your company when they see projects they are interested in.

Submit Project Scope

From your dashboard, you can submit your project scope to let our freelance community to begin bidding on your projects. You can also view the profiles of freelancers to make initial contact with those you feel meet your hiring criteria.

Receive Bids, Review, & Hire

Once you have submitted your project scope, freelancers will begin bidding on your projects. You are free to negotiate terms and conditions, set milestones if necessary, set project budgets, etc.

Employer FAQs

Most frequent employer questions and answers

WebbyFreelance does not require any membership fees or upfront fees for employers. We charge a small service fee from employers when the project is completed. For more information on our employer fee schedule click here.

WebbyFreelance has a dispute resolution process in place. For more information Click Here.

We offer several payment plans available to our employer clients. You can pay through PayPal, SafePay, or Bank Draft. For employer payment options Click Here

Currently WebbyFreelance has the following payment programs in place. 

  • Micro Project Plan
  • Per Job Plan
  • Milestone Plan
  • Retainer Plan
  • Temp to Perm Plan

For more information on all our pricing plans Click Here.

WebbyFreelance has a standard confidentiality agreement available for download. You are free to provide your own non-disclosure agreement as desired.

It is important to understand that WebbyFreelance is not an employment agency. All freelancers are independent business entities and responsible for all their self employment tax, and health insurance requirements. You should consult your CPA.

Technology Freelancer Directory

Passionate Freelance Professionals

WebbyFreelance is actively seeking professional freelance technology specialists to handle the projects our employer clients are seeking.Less competition means more project offerings.


Our Freelancer fees are capped at 10%. We have developed a tiered fee schedule that gets better the more successful projects you have completed.

Vetted Freelancers

Because we are looking for the best freelance professionals for our clients, Pre-vetting means you have less competition within your service niche.

The Directory of Technology Professionals

Web Designers

Do you need a professional website built or someone to update and manage and existing website? This is where to find them.

Graphic Design

Branding your business is an important part of generating sales. These pros can develop logos, thumbnails, and more.


Need a programmer to design an api for your business? These programming professionals have to experience you need.

Excellent Work.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.

If you are unsatisfied with the work performance of one of our freelancers, we have a dispute system in place. Only after the employer has signed off and provided a performance review will funds from your escrow account be released to the freelancer.

Note: Although the Webbyfreelance Directory Platform is simply an online meeting place where Employers and Freelancers can connect, The Freelancer is an independent contractor. Should a dispute arise, we will work to resolve the issue between both parties as a courtesy.

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Let Webby Help you.

WebbyFreelance is a platform for Freelance Professionals developed by Freelancers to help you connect with clients looking for professional level services.

If you have a marketable skill compatible with technology and business services, then we are looking for you.

We do not require you to be the best in your field. However, we do expect you will strive to become the best and deliver your services in a professional business like manner.

More Than a directory
We are A Community of Freelancers and Affiliate marketing Professionals

We are freelancers also, and we understand how difficult it can be to bring home the bacon. Obviously, we hope to make a few bucks with WebbyFreelance Directory, but our primary goal is to help freelancers and employers alike. 

  1. Reduced Fees for Freelancers and Employers
  2. Website Optimization Tools
  3. Marketing PDF Library
  4. How to; Learning Courses
  5. Guest Posting
  6. Website Audit Tool
  7. Webbyfans – Access to our social media site

We have structured a tiered fee system that gets better the more projects you complete. So it is possible to complete projects at considerably less than our 10% standard fee schedule